Ethiopian Food Expo Delights Guests With Unique, Diversity of Flavors in Riyadh

An Ethiopian cuisines' exhibition held in Riyadh over the weekend offered guests to experience the taste of Ethiopian cuisines; and discover the diverse and flavorful world of Ethiopian gastronomy.

Also the culinary experience gave visitors the richness of Ethiopian culinary culture fused by a combination of spices and herbs as well as Ethiopia'smiracle food –Injera, that is, a base for all Ethiopian meat and vegetarian dishes..

More than a thousand guests from the Ethiopian Diaspora community, the government of Saudi Arabia, media agencies, diplomatic corps and business community attended the 12th Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Day celebration held at the premises of the Ethiopian Embassy (December 28-30).

Restaurants participated at this food expo displaying Beyayinetu (tasty vegetarian dish), Kitfo (a spiced raw beef dish), and other spicy dishes and rich stews.

A coffee ceremony held in Riyadh offered guests to discover the Ethiopian coffee culture epitomizing socialization and meaningful human connectedness, that is, the poetry of an Ethiopian life.

The Ethiopian Nations and Nationalities' Day was held at the premises of the Ethiopian Embassy in Riyadh honoring the historic Ethio-Saudi Arabian ties with a determination to move the relations forward in the years to come for the benefit of the two brotherly peoples.

A Traditional Afar House Decorated with Traditional Crafts was on Display at Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities' Day held in Riyadh on December 30 at the premises of the Ethiopian Embassy.