Dr. Mulatu receives credentials of newly appointed Ambassadors

President Dr. Mulatu Teshome received credentials of Ambassadors of People's Republic of China, the State of Israel, Italy, the Gambia, and Republic of Guinea-Bissau; Mr. Tan Jian, Mr. Raphael Morav, Mr. Arturo Luzzi, Mr. Sulayman Alieu and Mr. Carlos Edmilson respectively on Tuesday (December 20).

Dr. Mulatu warmly welcoming the Ambassadors expressed his high hopes that the new Ambassadors will further enhance ties and cooperation with Ethiopia. The President in his encounter with all the five Ambassadors noted the need to assess, prioritize and diversify forays of partnerships and cooperations to giving particular emphasis to economic and trade ties where peoples of countries mutually benefit out of it.

Dr. Mulatu also noted forging economic ties would further re-enforce the people to people ties. The president, highlighting the conducive investment environment Ethiopia has put in place to attract more foreign direct investments, called on the Ambassadors to work towards boosting economic tie.  President Dr. Mulatu who has received greetings of the Presidents of the Republic of China, the State of Israel, Italy, the Gambia, and Republic of Guinea-Bissau has conveyed his warmest greetings to the Presidents via their Ambassadors.

Tourism, Agriculture, health and Technology transfer have also been noted among priority areas of cooperation with the State of Israel.  Commending the immense support the people and government of China have rendered support to Ethiopia fast-tracking  the infrastructure development witnessed in the country, Dr. Mulatu noted Ethiopia's relation with China carries greater weight. The President also noting the two countries have reached a level of Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and Cooperation expressed his strong belief that the duo will mutually benefit out of the newly introduced Road and Belt initiative.

In his meeting with the Ambassador's of the Gambia and Guinea-Bissau cooperation in Agriculture, capacity building and aviation industry were major topics of discussions.

The Italian Ambassador praised Ethiopia's unreserved support to the peace and stability of the horn and noted the need to further strengthen the political dialogue.