1.  Countries of the Horn of Africa

When we speak of relations with other countries, we should first speak of our neighbors in the Horn of Africa; namely: the Sudan,Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, and Kenya.

In this world so closely interconnected through globalization, civil society has started to play a more important role in relations between countries. Religious organizations, professional associations and NGOs have been building links with fraternal organizations all over the world and are striving to spread the benefits of  globalization around.  In this  way, they contribute to development and the building of democracy.  They are becoming new  forms of inter-country interchange.   The government should  take note  of this  growing phenomenon and encourage and even help coordinate Ethiopian civil society so  that one's  interests and  security are respected.   It  is when we strengthen our networking, when we seek the widest participation, and  when we play a key  coordinating role that we  can build our capacity  to deliver what  is needed to protect our interests and security.


These countries  have long standing  links with Ethiopia  in such

areas as language,  culture, history, natural resources, and  so on. Changes in  Ethiopia affect  them directly,  and what  happens to them has an  impact on us.  There  are rivers that connect  us and have a  direct bearing on  our development.   This is  particularly true of Sudan, Somalia and  also Kenya.  Ethiopia is landlocked,while all our neighbors have ports that can provide services.  We need to consider our strong ties with our neighbors and chart out the appropriate policy towards them.

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