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Mailing Instruction

  • All applications to be submitted by mail must be sent via an envelope with aTRACKING NUMBER. The application must also have a self-addressed prepaid FEDEX, UPS, or USPS EXPRESS MAILreturn envelope.

  • All applications with a return envelope MUST HAVE TRACKING NUMBERS. If you send any ordinary mail without tracking numbers it will not be processed and will be sent back to the sender unprocessed.

  • Track it online at the respective mailing company's website to ensure it has been received by the Embassy. Please do not call to find out if it has been received.

  • Please track your application online using a return mailing tracking number at the respective mailing company after a month that we received your application to know that it has been sent back to you!

  • You need not call our embassy after you have traced the arrival of your mail.

  • For Passport Applicants, if you apply in person, please attach a return envelope which has a tracking number (FEDEX, UPS, or USPS EXPRESS MAIL) with it.  

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