Services rendered for Diaspora Community Services rendered for Diaspora Community

6.     For those who are keen to study and research in the area of Diaspora affairs, the applicants are required to bring support letter from the authorized institutions.

7.     With reference to provision of adequate information on the opening foreign currency account in domestic banks, the applicant is required to be an Ethiopian national or foreign national of Ethiopian origin permanently residing outside the country and needs to have an application form signed and properly filled by the account holder. For a foreign national of Ethiopian origin, he/she hast to present identification card. For organizations owned by Ethiopian Diasporas, certificates of ownership and memorandum of association must be submitted by the applicant/s.


8.     With reference to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam bond sales, the sales of bond can only be made by Ethiopian Diasporas, foreign national of Ethiopian origin, nationals of Nile Basin, neighboring and other friendly countries as well as investors participating in Ethiopia's development projects. Foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin need to present an Ethiopian identification card to buy dam bonds. If the passports of Ethiopian Diasporas residing in the Middle East are used by their employers, they can buy dam bonds through their employers. For areas that are not conducive for Ethiopian Diasporas to present passports, the applicants are required to present Ethiopian Community ID. 

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