Italy has, of course, a long interest in the Horn of Africa going back well over a hundred years, , and it attaches great importance to the stability of the sub-region. It has an especial concern with regional security issues including piracy and terrorism, and in security and stability in Somalia, all elements in which Ethiopia continues to have a strong stake. Its to be recalled that Italy recently took the commendable step of allocating 40 million Euros for the African Union's operations in Somalia. Ethiopia strongly believes Italy will continue to be interested in the Horn of Africa. It hopes Italy will continue to take the lead in soliciting backing from the international community for the support of the TFG in Somalia, and continue to take the lead on the issue of Somalia at European Union level.

Fact Sheet

I) Diplomatic Relation;

• Diplomatic relation between Ethiopian and Italy was started in 1889.

Trade Volume

• The total trade volume between two countries reach 455,928,352.26 birr in 2011. Its volume is increasing by increasing rate.


• According to information obtained from the Ethiopian Investment Agency, direct investment from Italy to Ethiopia from August, 1992 up to March, 2011 reached 5.12 billion birr.

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