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Situations monitoring and emergency service center


Telephone: +251 11 552 54 72/ +251 11 552 38 10

Fax: +251 11 552 97 77

Head: Ato Getachew Teshome 

Duties and Responsibilities of the Center

The Situation Monitoring and Emergency  Service Center in the Ministry considers Ethiopians abroad, Embassies, International Organizations, diplomatic community, and foreigners in Ethiopia as its customers and accomplishes the following tasks, among others:

§ Monitoring situations related to the Ministry's duty thereby collecting and organizing information, and deliver to the concerned authorities

§     Serving for the Ministry as a center of Emergency Crisis Management related to Ethiopians and Ethiopian missions abroad.

§     Facilitating Emergency issues that might happen on the Diplomatic Community in Addis Ababa and other foreigners in Ethiopia and serving as the Center of communication of the Ministry with foreigners.

§     Providing non-commercial (diplomatic) flight, weapon and communication equipment clearance.

§     Acquiring over flight and Landing Permission from other countries for Government Higher Officials, when necessary.  

§     Facilitating Cross boarder drive of the Diplomatic Community in Addis Ababa. 

§     Provision of emergency non-commercial flight clearance and VIP Salon function to officials, diplomatic community and others who deserve the service during non-working hours.