In addition, China has also provided an impressive development program to Ethiopia on the basis of mutual respect and understanding and on the principle of non-interference. It has provided soft and interest free loans as well as grants for project development. It has been involved in the infrastructure including roads, hydroelectric power, telecommunications, water development, and manufacturing as well as other areas. China's aid and assistance can above all be described as practical assistance to help Ethiopia escape from the poverty trap, and as particularly timely in assisting Ethiopia achieve the Millennium Development Goals. In terms of health for example, the PRC has sent numerous doctors to Ethiopia, serving in different hospitals and medical centres across the country. It has been a generous supplier of medical equipment and anti-malaria medicine in support of the effort to eradicate malaria. It is also involved in the training of traditional doctors.

China has proved a strong contributor to social sector development as well. It has provided numerous scholarships and the number has been increasing every year. It has provided generous contributions to the construction of vocational, technical and training colleges in various parts of the country, and numerous volunteer trainers and teachers at different levels.  Many Ethiopian journalists have acquired training in China and there is a flourishing relationship between the Ethiopian News Agency, ENA, and the Chinese Agency, Xinauhu. Ethiopia and China have also signed an agreement on approved tourist destination status to encourage Chinese tourists to visit Ethiopia. The potential for expanding bilateral relations in this area are enormous. The capacity of the Chinese people to travel abroad is growing rapidly and is expected to reach tens of millions. Ethiopia's tourist industry will certainly benefit.

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