Ethiopia-China (PRC) relation 

Ethiopia and the Peoples Republic of China have enjoyed long historical ties based on the common values of civilization. Both are very aware of their ancient civilizations and their long histories. Diplomatic relations, however, were only established in 1970. Indeed, in November we will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the relationship, a relationship that is based upon adherence to the properties of mutual respect, non interference in the internal affairs of each other's countries, and peaceful coexistence.

China has proven itself to be a real and dependable friend in many areas. It has played a significant role in helping the fight against poverty. The economic relations between the two countries bear witness to the level and strength of cooperation between them. And two factors that contribute largely to the consolidation of the bonds between Ethiopia and China are the frequent exchange of visits by high level officials and legislators; and secondly, the successful signing of agreements on a number of significant bilateral issues. Trade relations have shown significant progress over the last few years following the Government of China's allocation of quota and tariff free rights to African countries. Exports, mainly agricultural produce, have shown significant improvements as a result, though the balance of trade remains in favour of the PRC. The volume of trade amounted to about US $1.5 billion in 2009. Chinese investment in Ethiopia is showing significant expansion in both quality and quantity, and it currently stands at over US $ 1 billion. Chinese companies have invested in areas as diverse as cement and glass factories, manufacturing mainly in textile and pharmaceuticals, and in areas of mining. They have generated substantial job opportunities and Ethiopia has also benefited from the transfer of technology. The Chinese Government has played a remarkable role in encouraging Chinese investors to come to Ethiopia.

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