State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prof. Afework Kassu receives Non-Resident Slovenian Ambassador

Newly appointed State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Professor Afework Kassu received a Slovenian delegation headed by Matjaž Šinkovec, National Coordinator for Relations with African Countries and former non-resident Ambassador to #Ethiopia later today (May 18) and discussed on bilateral issues of common interest.

Prof. Afework noted, the Ethio-Slovenian relations that dated back to ties with the former Yugoslavia, and underscored Ethiopia's keenness to reinforce relationship with #Slovenia and boost bilateral cooperation on a range of sectors.

Head of the Slovenian delegation, Matjaž Šinkovec in his part congratulated Professor Afework for his new assignment as State Minister of Foreign Affairs and expressed his country's keen interest to strengthen the diplomatic ties with Ethiopia. He related Slovenia's readiness to open its Embassy in Addis Ababa, which, he said, would be the first for Slovenia in the Sub-Saharan Africa. He also revealed the planned visit of Borut Pahor, President of the Republic of Slovenia to Ethiopia in October this year, which would also be the first official visit in Africa.

Prof. Afework extended his appreciation for the initiative taken by the Slovenian government in reaffirming the historical relations between the two countries and assured the readiness of his office to provide all the necessary support in the process of setting up an Embassy. He also stressed the need to work closely on trade and investment, particularly the need for cooperation on biosphere technology, noting that Slovenia has a rich experience in the field.