Ethiopia-Eritrea Relations

Ethiopia's policy towards Eritrea

From among our neighbors, the closest historical and cultural ties we have are with Eritrea. Similarly, it is with Eritrea thatwe have had two vicious wars in the recent historical period. If there is a policy that is heavily affected by different emotions, it is our policy towards Eritrea. On the one hand, there are those who have not accepted the independence of Eritrea,and they see this from the "port access" point of view. There are those who have difficulty to control their feelings, insisting that we were one people and remain one people. Many cannot differentiate between the Eritrean people and the regime and, starting from the wounds of war, they call for a permanent estrangement between the two countries. All of them exaggerate Eritrea's value to our economic and political development. When viewed dispassionately, and in the context of our development and democracy priority, the reality begins to