Inspection General Directorate



Inspection General Directorate

Berihun Degu Temesgen

The Office of the Inspector General for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has the duties and responsibilities of evaluating the performances of the Departments at Head Office and Diplomatic Missions abroad, promoting effective management of resources and making sure that accountability prevails within the Ministry as per the policies and directives of the Government.

The Office of the Inspector General detects malpractices through audits and inspections and tries to introduce positive ways that may help to prevent waste, fraud and abuse which as a result, will create a conducive working environment whereby the resources (human, finances and materials) are utilized economically, efficiently and effectively.

The office also identifies vulnerabilities, recommends constructive solutions and offers assistance to the inspected departments and diplomatic missions. It follows the implementation of new management tools and promotes positive change instruments such as Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Balanced Scorecard System (BSC) and the likes. The Office of the Inspector General has the mandate to report the findings of the audits and inspections and present recommendations to the High Officials of the Ministry for any possible corrective measure.