Germany signs a 36 million euros grant for IGAD.

The Executive Secretary of the IGAD, Engineer Mahboub Maalim, and the Director for East Africa Division of Germany, Dr. Ralf-Mathias Mohs, signed a grant agreement for 36 million Euros on Friday last week (March 31). This is to provide for the strengthening of responses to drought migration. The funds are divided into two parts, 20 million Euros for financial cooperation and 16 million Euros for technical cooperation. These funds will go towards strengthening IGAD's coordination role in the migration policy, management coordination in line with the Regional Migration Policy Framework as well as other continental and international frameworks. They will strengthen IGAD's capabilities and role within the Regional Migration Fund, including the capacity for knowledge management, by creating systemized methods and monitoring of best practices and performance compliance with the national and regional migration policies. They will also enhance and strengthen the IGAD Regional Consultative Process and IGAD's positioning within global and regional processes such as the New York Declaration on Global Compact on Migration and Refugees and the Khartoum Process. They will allow IGAD to strengthen its facilitation role to promote both comprehensive regional cooperation on migration routes and effective cross-border cooperation among the member states. The agreement came after a three-day experts' consultation process.