Ethiopia- Ireland relations

Ethiopia-Ireland relations 

Ethiopian-Ireland relations are based on wide ranging issues of mutual interest. The most visible people-to-people interactions were during the height of the 1984 famine in which so many Ethiopians died and which caused the country so many problems. Irelands response to that catastrophe still remains a vivid and warming memory in the hearts of Ethiopians. Most notable among the humanitarian efforts of the Irish people was, of course, the work of the Irish rock star, Sir Bob Geldof, whose initiative in organizing the Band Aid program mobilized the international community to provide the support that enabled the survival of millions of Ethiopians affected by the calamity. The passionate and full-hearted response of the Irish people and their government to that humanitarian crisis has remained a linchpin underlying current bilateral cooperation as well as people-to-people relations. Ireland, indeed, has always offered an impressive example of a principled position on the provision of development support.

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