Climate Change-Induced Migration Workshop kicks off today

The Climate Change Induced Migration Regional Workshop kicks off today (May 23/2018) in Addis Ababa at the Iceaddis Ethiopia. The workshop is jointly organized by the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, the Hanns Seidel Foundation and Iceaddis Ethiopia. A team of experts from the Ethiopian MFA, representatives from the relevant government ministries, specialized agencies from Ethiopia and East Africa, Civil Society Organizations and Non-governmental Organizations, United Nations and other stakeholders working in the areas of human migration and climate change have taken part in the workshop.

The workshop aims to provide a holistic overview of the topic of climate-induced migration and facilitate discussions in the international, regional and national deliberations of migration, environment and climate change. As climate-induced migration touches upon cross-cutting issues such as migration management, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and development, the workshop is aimed to promote discussions and exchange of practices and experiences among organizations, the academia and civil society and to provide a regional discussion for policy makers, experts and specialized agencies. With Ethiopia's active role in the IGAD climate change process, the workshop also intends to build upon the recommendations of the 9th and 10th Regional Consultative Process on climate change, human mobility and displacement.

Mr. Debassu Bayleyegn from the Ethiopian Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, in his opening remarks expressed the continent's commitment in the betterment of its community and serious determination to change the environment outcomes especially Ethiopia's success in reaching a milestone by setting it's Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) emission reduction target to 64% by 2025. Presenter from the South Korean National Diplomatic Academy, Professor Kim Dongsku also provided a general presentation of the topic focusing on key concepts of climate driven migration.

Experts on the areas of environment and migration from the Ethiopian MFA, International Organizations Directorate General have provided an overview of the national context and presented key issues in relation to migration and environmental change in Ethiopia.
The workshop will also continue for the next two days with more presentations and discussions highlighting regional and international dialogues and policy processes and negotiations.