Ambassador Yamamoto: Ethiopia is a key US ally and a pillar state in the region

Ambassador Donald Y. Yamamoto, Acting Assistant Secretary for African Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, during his meeting with Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu in Addis Ababa, this morning (April 27, 2018) noted that #Ethiopia is a key #US ally and a pillar state in the region.

On the occasion, the two sides exchanged views on ways of further consolidating the Ethiopia-US relations, particularly in areas including trade and investment, industrialization, the aerospace industry, the maintenance of regional peace and security.

Speaking of the ongoing efforts to bring about regional peace and stability particularly in #SouthSudan and #Somalia, through various fora such as the #IGAD and the provision of its good offices to these endeavors, Dr. Workneh underscored that Ethiopia is working around the clock to bring the ongoing peace process in South Sudan to fruition. He also mentioned Ethiopia's continued efforts to bring peace and stability in Somalia.

Ambassador Yamamoto took note of his government's appreciation of Ethiopia's key efforts in the promotion of peace and security in the region, adding that the US will continue to provide support to this noble effort.
Touching upon the broad-based economic cooperation between Ethiopia and the US in #trade and #investment, the energy sector and the aerospace industry, Dr. Workneh and Ambassador Yamamoto deliberated on ways of going extra mile to further expand the scope and the current state of cooperation in this regard. Commending the excellent work Ethiopia is doing in the energy and aerospace sectors, Ambassador Yamamoto, expressed the US' interest to invest in those areas, in a way that they help Ethiopia's industrialization process, and make the country a regional aerospace hub.

Ambassador Yamamoto also expressed the US' interest to promote Ethiopian value added products -Brand Ethiopia –in American market, through sector-selective investment. While taking note of the fast economic growth Ethiopia has been experiencing over the last decade, Dr. Workneh further underscored the readiness and continued commitment of the Government of Ethiopia to facilitate the flow of more US investments to Ethiopia.