African Affairs Directorate General


                                                     African Affairs Directorate General

                                                                    Berhane Fisiḥa Woldeselassie

The African Affairs Directorate-General is responsible for promoting Ethiopia's political and socio-economic interests of the country both in relation to neighboring countries, and to other African states and regional institutions.

The Directorate-General is responsible for facilitating conditions for good neighborliness and strengthening these to contribute to the integration of the Horn of Africa. It works with other concerned bodies to secure for Ethiopia a reliable and sustainable use, and to consolidate sustainable and reliable peace in the region and to promote regional economic integration in consultation with other Directorates.  It is also responsible for drafting and implementing progams to strengthen the regional organization, the Inter-Governmental Authority for Development (IGAD).

The African Affairs Directorate-General represents Ethiopia and promotes its positions in line with national interest at the sessions of the African Union. It coordinates with relevant bodies over Ethiopia's involvement in UN and African Peacekeeping operations. It works to strengthen cooperation in the Sana'a Forum and with the Ethio-Sudan and Egypt Trilateral Forum; follows up the activities of the UN Economic Commission for Africa with concerned departments; coordinates relations with the African Development Bank and African Development Fund; and follows up COMESA's trade, economic, political and security activities as well as facilitates participation in other African cooperation forums and promotes Ethiopia's interests with other African regional bodies.

The Directorate-General has the responsibility to study relations with other African states to identify focus areas for trade, tourism and investment, to sign bilateral and regional treaties for the promotion of investment flows, foreign trade and to solicit support in training and capacity building. It notifies the Economy and Business Directorate General of market opportunities and training processes, and identifies and collects information relevant to the development and promotion of conference tourism.

It researches and provides policy options, prepares relevant talking points for visits and at other times. It consults regularly with representatives of other countries and international organizations about developments in the country, and to promote the country's position. It monitors the activity of Ethiopian Missions abroad in Africa and discusses mutual political concerns regularly with representatives of African countries and regional organizations.