“Ongoing deep reform to be effective through public participation”: Premier

While issuing a press conference on current affairs on Monday(January 09), Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn noted, "Ongoing deep reform of the government will be effective through public participation." Prime Minister Hailemariam said the reform program has created fertile ground to committed leaderships at various posts.

The Premier said an investigation bureau was established under the auspices of the Ethiopian Federal Police to fight against corruption and to hold accountable those involved in corruption and rent seeking. The bureau was also tasked to make public the wealth of government officials. He also indicated that an institution called "Democratic Center" was established in order to allow the public to give tips on corrupt leaderships.

According to the Premier, a tough investigation will be held on leaderships who were singled out as corrupt by the public, adding the government will take the necessary measure if it is supported with evidence.

The Premier further said that on the basis of the inputs gained from the reform program conducted so far, arrests were made on suspicion of corruption and rent seeking. Prime Minister Hailemariam also made remarks on other regional and continental issues.