• Kenya urges Africans to Support ICC changes (Nov 21, 2013)

    Kenya’s  Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary, Ambassador Amina Mohammed, who is leading the Kenyan delegation at the Assembly of States Parties in The Hague, on Wednesday (November 20)  strongly appealed to the Rome Statute members, particularly African countries, to support a motion by the African Union seeking to have the Rome Statute amended to cushion sitting Heads of State from indictment. Ambassador Mohammed told the opening plenary session of the meeting that the amendment was crucial for the benefit of peace and security in Africa. She said "These amendments will help eliminate rules that are causing tensions in the continent," adding that it was a matter of peace and security. She said "We are not asking much, we are simply asking for cooperation in return because as a government we have fully cooperated; we want a symbiotic relationship with the court to achieve justice." She said "we have done all that is required from our side and we continue to cooperate with the court, but we are not getting this cooperation in return." The Assembly has agreed to discuss the AU request to amend the Rome Statute on Thursday.

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