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  • Election of members of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council (Nov 06, 2012)

    The election of member of the Islamic Affairs Supreme Council of Ethiopia was held on Monday (November 5th) here in Addis Ababa. Sheikh Kiyar Mohammed Aman was elected as the President of the eleven person Supreme Council. Sheikh Kedir Mohammed and Mohamed Ali were elected as Vice President and Secretary of the Council.  Eight others were elected as members of the Council. The members of the Council were elected by those recently elected as representatives of the Muslim communities in the country’s nine regional states and two city administrations. On the occasion of the official handover between the former members and the new appointees of the Council, the new Council members vowed to discharge their duties efficiently. The newly elected leaders of the Council are well versed in religious education and the election took the education, religious maturity and work experience of candidates into consideration.

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