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  • New Diaspora Association urges Diaspora to contribute to Ethiopia’s renaissance (Sep 12, 2012)

    The Ethiopian Diaspora Association (EDA) has said it will continue to strive in an organized manner towards the success of ongoing development activities in the country. The Ethiopian Diaspora Association (EDA) was established last week (September 6th), here in Addis Ababa at a conference that gathered together members of the association. Association Board Chairperson, Dr. Ababu Minda, said on the occasion that EDA "will strive towards the full realization of the vision of the late Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi."  The Diaspora has so far invested some three billion dollars in various development projects in different sectors including agriculture, industry, construction, hotel and tourism as well as mining, providing job opportunities to fellow citizens. The Chairman said the "the establishment of EDA will enable the Diaspora to discharge its responsibilities through engaging in various development activities in Ethiopia." He said the Association could play a key role in knowledge and technology transfer in an organized manner. It would also exert efforts to ensure the rights of Ethiopians employed in the Middle East.  During the conference, members of the Association stressed that it was time for Ethiopians in the Diaspora to mobilize and direct all their resources, knowledge and experience, join forces and unite with the Ethiopian people and government for the full realization of Ethiopia’s renaissance.

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