To become the leading diplomatic institution in Africa with the ability and capacity to marshal strategic partners for the continent and the region; to play a central role in Ethiopia's growth into a democratic developmental state and in the achievement of peace and stability in the Horn of Africa.


To carry out active diplomacy, founded on sound research and institutional reform, building excellence into every process of the organization, individually and departmentally; to strengthen Ethiopia's foreign relations with all nations on the basis of the core principles of mutual respect, mutual benefit, reciprocal trust and common interest; to work to permanently remove all security threats in the Horn of Africa; to encourage the achievement of Ethiopia's development objectives and create favorable conditions for sustained and sustainable economic growth and social progress; to restore the image of Ethiopia to its rightful place in the world; to ensure the engagement of the Diaspora for their own and for the country's benefit as symbolized in the building of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam; and to work for peace, security, development and democracy throughout Africa.