Ethiopia's Policy and Strategy On Foreign Affairs and National Security

Basic Principles
1. The Foundations of Foreign Affairs and National Security Policy
1.1 Development and the building of a democratic system as a basis for policy
1.2 National pride and prestige as a basis for policy
1.3 Globalization as a basis for policy

Objectives of the Foreign Affairs and National Security Policy

The failure to realize development and democracy has resulted in our security being threatened. It has meant that we have remained impoverished, dependent and unable to hold our heads high. The prospect of disintegration cannot be totally ruled out. That is why it is imperative that we expedite development and consolidate democracy. In doing so, we can consolidate our existence as a nation,and preserve our honour. The goal of our foreign and security policy is to ensure international conditions that are conducive to achieving our development and democratic objectives. The basis and goal of our foreign and national security policy is defined as realizing development and democracy.

To bring about development and realize it in the framework of globalization, we need extensive market opportunities, investment and technical support. For some time yet, we will also need grants and loans to finance our development endeavours. We also require considerable technical and financial support to build and strengthen institutions of democratic governance, so crucial for the growth of democracy. Our foreign policy goal will be exactly this. Our main objective will be to create an enabling environment for development and democracy and, in this context, to identify markets, attract investment, solicit grants, loans and technical support and make maximum utilization of all possibilities. Our diplomacy should be, in the main, that of economic diplomacy.