Document Authentication Document Authentication

3. Request letters for document authentication services shall be served,

3.1.     When various organizations request for authentication over the verification of the doubtful of the issuance of the documents.

3.2.     When foreign missions based in Addis Ababa, regional and international organizations submit requests for the passes of their samples of seal mark and signature to the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and other government institutions.

4. Documents submitted for authentication timeframe

4.1. Support letters issued by Ethiopian missions abroad for the importation of goods by Ethiopians returning to Ethiopia after completing their stay abroad shall be authenticated within a year starting from the date of issuance of letters. If not, the document shall not be authenticated.

4.2. If the samples of authorized signature and stamp of the applicant's education credentials, birth and death certificates are found in the Ministry's sample of signature database, the document can always be authenticated.

4.3. With regard to other documents not included in the above sub-categories, documents can be authenticated if they do not surpass the two years period starting from the issuance of those documents by the authorized official of the Ministry.

4.4. As per the above sub-categories, expired service documents are not legible for authentication.

4.5. A certified document that surpasses two years starting from its issuance shall be renewed or changed with a new one for submission to the authorized institutions.

4.6. A previously authenticated document by the Ministry that is required renewal can only access services up to ten years starting from its issuance. 

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