Document Authentication Document Authentication

1. Details of requirements that must be fulfilled for documents issued by Ethiopian government offices.

1.1. Birth, marriage, death certificates and documents declaring applicant's marital status as single

Documents issued by Addis Ababa city administration municipality and in sub-cities and Dire Dawa city Administration Municipality shall be given services with out any requirements of certification.

Where a document is issued by different organs of national regional governments, the document shall be certified by the concerned regional bureau.

Where a birth and marriage certificate is issued by religious institutions; it shall be certified by supreme organs of the respective religious institutions residing in Addis Ababa.

Death certificates issued by medical institutions shall be certified, in the case of documents issued by institutions in Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa by the respective health bureaus and in the case of regional governments by regional health bureaus.

Death certificates and documents declaring a status of applicant as single shall not be issued by religious institutions and where such document is submitted to the directorate such documents shall not be regarded as valid document.

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