Women's Affairs Directorate


women's Affairs DG

Amba. Gifiti Abasiya Ababuligu

- Ensure the implementation of women's and children rights as enshrined in the Ethiopian Constitution, legislations, international treaties, policies and procedures;

- Undertake various studies in ensuring that the work of the Ministry be gender responsive; coordinate and support the proper implementation of the Ministry's gender mainstreaming and operational manual;

- Safeguard the rights of women and children by actively engaging in various committees organized by the Ministry; during the design and review of policies, procedures, guidelines and strategic plan and ensure women employees equal participation;]

- Examine institutional plan for its gender responsiveness and work closely with the responsible section to incorporate gender inequality issues;

- Ensure performance evaluation criterion of the Ministry to include indicators that addresses women's and children concerns by working closely with various divisions;

- Review quarterly, bi-annual and annual reports and provide feedback; ensure activities undertaken to address women's and children concerns presented during the review meetings;

- Undertake regular gender audit and gender analysis; report its findings; share other countries experience to facilitate the operationalization of gender budgeting;

- Ensure equity in  recruitment, promotion, training, job assignment and other related issues; report unfairness and follow-up corrective measures;

- Support women employees organizing in various associations;

- Undertake studies on how to establish/maintain adopted children relationships with their country of origin and families; and follow-up the implementation of the study findings;

- In collaboration with various departments of the Ministry undertake assessment to identify resources in promoting women's political, economic and social participation. Prepare joint project proposals with the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children Affairs and follow-up its implementation;

- Work closely with various bilateral, multilateral and NGOs that support women's capacity enhancement projects;

- In collaboration with the Ministry of Women, Youth, and Children Affairs participate in various international forums and use the experiences and lessons learned to strengthen institutional capacity; and

- Undertake assessment for increased participation of women professionals in various international institutions and implement the results as appropriate.