Requirements from Customers:

Requirements from Customers: 

1.       The Crisis Management Service:

Ø The Support request should be submitted to the Situation Center in a note verbal stating:

§ The detail of the Emergency Situation

§ Time and place of the occurrence of situation.

§ The assistance required, etc.

2.     Flight clearance service:

Ø For Over flight and Landing Clearance request format should be filled and signed by authorized body and should be submitted to the Situation Center in six (6) copies attached with the note verbal three days ahead of the date of flight and the flight request format should comply with the following remarks.

§ The type of aircraft

§ The Call Sign

§ The Registration Number

§ The Operator

§ The Purpose of the flight

§ The Name of the Captain

§ The Number of Crew Members

§ Name and Status of VIP

§ Type of Clearance (Over flight/ Landing)

§ The Route of the Flight

§ Point of departure/destination

§ The type of cargo

§ The Entry and Exit Point to and from the territory of Ethiopia

§ The Date and time of the Flight must be stated clearly.

N.B: Hazardous or dangerous cargo description must be annexed to the request

Ø     The flight clearance request should come only through diplomatic channels,  that is through the embassies or international organizations residing in Ethiopia or through Ethiopian missions abroad.

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