Protocol Directorate General



The Protocol Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs works as the Office for State Protocol. The Protocol Office conducts activities concerned with diplomatic protocol and state ceremonies. The duties of the Protocol Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs include covering the activities of the President, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia in connection with foreign Heads of State and Government and diplomatic representatives accredited to Ethiopia.

The Protocol Office is in charge of organizing high level visits and state ceremonies and also takes part in organizing high-level International and regional conferences, summits and forums held in Ethiopia.

It handles matters concerning foreign diplomatic and consular missions and international and regional organizations in Ethiopia, monitors the application of the 1961 Vienna Convention on the Diplomatic Relations and the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Affairs, and takes care of matters related to diplomatic immunity and privilege.

The Structure of the Protocol Office

The protocol Office consists of two Directorates. These are the State Protocol and Ceremony Directorate and the Privileges, Immunities and Arbitration Directorate

The State protocol and Ceremony Directorate is principally concerned with the functions/activities of the President, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and the State Ministers of Foreign Affairs. It coordinates and organizes their Visits abroad and those made by foreign Heads of State and Government and Ministers of Foreign Affairs to Ethiopia.

The Directorate organizes international and regional conferences held in Ethiopia and it also handles accreditation of designated Ambassadors, preparation of accreditation and farewell visits by heads of Diplomatic Missions, arrangement of admission of military attaches, as well as appointments requested for Heads of Diplomatic Missions and visiting Foreign Government officials with Ethiopian Higher Government officials.

Privileges, Immunities and Arbitration Directorate

The Directorate monitors the provision of diplomatic privileges and immunities available in Ethiopia to foreign Diplomatic and Consular Missions, International Organizations and their staff, on the basis of international practice and the applicable laws and regulations of the host country.

The Directorate is responsible for the registration of the staff of foreign Missions and International and Regional organizations. It co-ordinates the registration of motor vehicles and, where possible, driving licenses, as well as customs clearance. Fiscal privileges are also the responsibility of the directorate. In addition, it resolves disputes raised between Diplomatic Missions, International and Regional Organizations, their staff members and Ethiopian citizens and legal bodies.

Both Directorates are directly accountable to the Chief of the Protocol Office .