Permanent Mission For AU & ECA


                                              Permanent Mission For AU & ECA

                                                      Amba. Woinshet Tadesse WoldeGiorgis

The African Union Directorate- General promotes the economic, social and political views and interests with reference to the African Union (AU) and its component bodies. As Addis Ababa is the headquarters of the AU, the Directorate-General works with other concerned bodies to ensure that the city remains a conducive place for diplomats, and follows up on any negative or positive views, and takes appropriate action.

The Directorate-General works closely with the various bodies of the AU including the AU Peace and Security Council, the African Standby Force, the East African Standby Brigade, the Pan-African Parliament, the African Union Economic, Social and Cultural Council, NEPAD and other African Union related institutions. It coordinates with relevant bodies over the country's participation in the African Peacekeeping Mission and promotes Ethiopia's interests with other African regional bodies including, SADC, ECCAS, Arab Maghreb Union, CEN-SAD and ECOWAS. It works with other departments to ensure effective cooperation with the African Union and regional organizations and also facilitates participation in other African cooperation forums in coordination with relevant bodies.

The Directorate-General is also responsible for studying the vision of the Union government, its structure and common positions, and preparing draft proposals for decision and implement if and when this is accepted by the AU. It is also expected to conduct studies on the impact of other African regional bodies on Ethiopia's national interests, and make recommendations to promote the country's position through the AU and other regional organizations in line with the Foreign Policy and National Security document. It also coordinates the affairs of other governmental bodies with the African Union.