Diaspora Affairs Directorate-General


                            Diaspora Affairs Directorate-General

                                  Amba. Mulugeta Kelil Beshir

The Diaspora Affairs Directorate-General was established with the aim of meeting the needs of the growing number of Ethiopians and Ethiopian Diaspora residing abroad interested in contributing to Ethiopia's development and well-being. The Directorate-General conducts research on policies, initiatives, and legislation geared towards augmenting the engagement of the Diaspora with Ethiopia.

The Directorate-General also disseminates information regarding developments in Ethiopia to Ethiopians, the Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia residing abroad and within Ethiopia.  The Directorate-General seeks especially to reach out to the large number of youth who are members of the Ethiopian Diaspora in order to stimulate their interest in Ethiopia and improve their understanding of their country of origin.

With regard to facilitating its activities, the Directorate-General maintains and updates a database of Ethiopians living abroad, persons of Ethiopian origin and friends of Ethiopia.  Moreover, the Directorate-General liaises closely with Ethiopian missions abroad in order to encourage the participation of the Ethiopian Diaspora in investment, tourism and trade, as well as technology transfer.  The Directorate-General is also tasked with organizing the annual Diaspora Day celebrations which highlight the achievements of the Diaspora and encourage their heightened participation in their country of origin.