Asia & Oceania Affairs Directorate General


                                                         Asia & Oceania Affairs Directorate General

                                                                                    Tsegab  kibebew Daka

The Asia and Oceania Affairs Directorate-General promotes Ethiopia's political, economic and social interests and strengthens relations with all the countries of Asia and Oceania and regional organizations including the China-Africa Forum and the Tokyo International Cooperation for African Development (TICAD), creating favorable conditions to benefit from the development cooperation and assistance these offer. It ensures relationships are based on the Foreign Affairs and National Security policy.

The Directorate-General works to obtain diplomatic support and understanding for Ethiopia's need for peace, stability and cooperation in the Horn of Africa. It provides information on new developments in the region and examines their impact on Ethiopian policies. It gives opinions on issues related to implementation of bilateral political, economic and social development and agreements with countries in the region.

The Directorate-General identifies priority areas in the fields of trade, tourism investment and development resource assistance, and conducts bilateral negotiations and agreements to expand these, making efforts to obtain marketing opportunities, development resources and support for technical assistance and capacity building. It examines trade and development assistance agreements and assesses their impact on Ethiopia's development policy and advises on policy options.

The Directorate-General follows up bilateral and regional cooperation agreements and collaborates with relevant bodies to implement these. It gives relevant travel advice and targets NGOs and private business groups to support development. It encourages political, economic and social relations through exchanges of visits.

The Directorate-General monitors the activities of Ethiopian Missions in the countries of accreditation and provides them with appropriate support, recommending new missions as appropriate. It prepares the Directorate-General's strategic plan and its annual work plan, and reviews plans and implementations of relationships and agreements of the missions in the countries of accreditation .