American Affairs Diretorate General


                                              American Affairs Diretorate General

                                                                     Amb. Tebeje Berha Shuk

The Americas Affairs Directorate-General promotes Ethiopia's political, economic and social interests through by strengthening relations with the countries of North America, South America and regional organizations. The Directorate-General identifies priority areas for political and economic cooperation with countries of the Americas by conducting studies in areas of trade, investment, development cooperation, and technical assistance. It facilitates cooperation in the field of counter-terrorism with the U.S.A.

The Directorate-General follows up agreements and works with relevant bodies to implement and utilize these effectively. Focusing on NGOs and investors, it conducts research and develops strategies to expand development cooperation between Ethiopia and countries in the region. It works to create a conducive environment for negotiations on bilateral trade, investment, tourism and development cooperation. It informs the Business and Economy Directorate-General on markets, technical and capacity building opportunities generated by bilateral agreements. It offers advice on policy options on agreements that Ethiopia has signed or intends to sign on trade policies.

The Directorate-General, in cooperation with appropriate bodies, works to see that the good image of Ethiopia is reflected in travel advisories. It provides information on events in Ethiopia to the representatives of countries of the Americas, discusses relevant political issues and Ethiopia's views. Similarly, it studies the impact of events in the Americas and recommends Ethiopia's responses. It assesses position taken by the countries of the Americas during meetings and advises on the impact of these positions for Ethiopia. It ensures Ethiopia's positions reflect its foreign policy and other relevant circumstances. It initiates high level visits to strengthen relations and prepares relevant documentation and talking points, working with relevant bodies in organizing visits.

The Directorate-General provides support and evaluation of the performance of Ethiopian Missions in the Americas. It recommends the expansion of existing missions or the opening of new ones, and prepares directives to improve the performance of the Directorate's functions in line with the Ministry's Strategic and Annual Plans and its own plans .