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  • Basic Information for Ethiopians in the Diaspora

    “Ethiopians in the Diaspora need to further consolidate their efforts and do their part for the efficient implementation of the GTP, a plan which aims at extricating the country out of poverty.”


    H.E. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi


     “Ethiopians in the Diaspora should contribute their share, so that they can enjoy a life time experience at the success that the country will register at the completion of the ongoing five year GTP.”


    H.E. Hailemariam Desalegn Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs



    The Government of Ethiopia has been taking different measures to ensure that the knowledge, experience, skills, and financial resources of Ethiopians in the Diaspora contribute to national growth. The potential role of the Ethiopian Diaspora in development efforts has, in recent years, won unprecedented recognition from the Ethiopian government. This interest in the actual and potential contribution of the Diaspora to development in Ethiopia is manifest in the explicity reference to the role of the Diaspora in the Country’s poverty reduction program, including the recognition of the positive impact that remittances have on the country’s service account and in facilitating mechanisms to encourage direct investment from Ethiopians abroad.


    In order to make the meaningful contribution to the development of the country, the Ethiopian Diaspora needs to overcome the major challenges of lack of accurate and up to date information about the country’s development policies and programs. The main purpose of this “Basic Information for Ethiopians in

    the Diaspora” is to help fill the information gap and make more information available in one book to enable them channel their initiatives and efforts.


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