Ambassador Yoseph Kassaye says collective efforts required to tackle preventable causes of food insecurity

(20-05-2022 published)
Ethiopia, at the United Nations Security Council open debate held on 19 May 2022 on “Conflict and Food Security” said that while peace and stability is necessary to address food insecurity, the situation calls for a concerted action on improving production and productivity in agricultural sector, eradicating extreme poverty, fostering resilience to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change and rectifying the prevailing imbalances in international trade system.
H.E. Ambassador Yoseph Kassaye, Deputy Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the United Nations in his statement at the open debate said food insecurity is one of the biggest challenges to humanity which requires collective efforts to tackle its clear and preventable causes. Ambassador Yoseph added that while conflict is one of the factors contributing to food insecurity, it is the primary manifestation of extreme poverty and underdevelopment, and accelerating economic growth and sustainable development, and addressing the challenges surrounding agricultural sector is extremely critical to overcome poverty and food insecurity.
‘With a concerted national and regional efforts supplemented by international support to enhance the ongoing initiatives to invest in and utilize our natural resources for the benefit of our people, we can achieve this lofty objective,” said the Ambassador.
He also said timely and adequate provision of humanitarian support to those in need of food assistance is critical which should be coupled with providing the necessary support to African countries in their efforts to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change to enhance impact and achieve results in tackling food insecurity.

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