Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen confers with EU Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa, Annette Weber

(22-10-2021 published)
Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia, H.E. Demeke Mekonnen received today (October 22), Dr. Annette Weber, European Union (EU) Special Representative for the Horn of Africa at his office.
The two had discussions over the situation in the northern part of Ethiopia and ways of giving renewed impetus to the relationships between Ethiopia and the EU.
Speaking about the situation in northern Ethiopia, Mr. Demeke stressed the commitment of the government to translate the roadmap to hold an all-inclusive dialogue into reality through discussions with stakeholders in the country.
He also briefed her on the government’s commitment to facilitating the humanitarian aid supply to all affected areas in the region.
Building upon the misinformation campaign, he said, some corners of the international community are accusing the federal government of obstructing the aid supply to Tigray.
Mr. Demeke further explained the destructive acts of the TPLF in the neighboring Amhara and Afar regions and in blocking aid from reaching people in occupied territories.
The special envoy, for her part, appreciated the government’s initiative to ease up the challenges that the country is facing right now.
She further expressed the Keen interest of the European Union to scale up relationships with Ethiopia.
Appreciating the visit of the special envoy and the EU's concerns over matters in Ethiopia, Mr. Demeke stressed Ethiopia’s firm convictions to resist biased and unwarranted attacks that threaten its sovereignty.

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