GERD is a development project, not a security threat, says Ambassador Taye Atske Selassie

(30-06-2020 published)

Ethiopia expressed dissatisfaction over Egypt’s decision to take the GERD issue to the UN Security Council bypassing the African Union, sidestepping the DoP provisions on dispute settlement, and contravening art. 33 of the UN charter that calls for solving disputes first resorting to regional agencies or arrangements.
Discussing the GERD issue in the Security Council ‘’ is bound to set a bad precedent and open a Pandora’s box,’’ H.E. Ambassador Taye Atske Selassie, Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the UN told the United Nations Security Council meeting that convened today (June 29) to discuss the issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).
Recalling the recent Extraordinary meeting of the Bureau of the Assembly of the African Union that decided to entertain the tripartite talks, Ambassador Taye urged the Security Council to drop the case and allow the AU-led process to take its course.
He further illustrated how Ethiopians are economically and emotionally attached to the Dam and said the GERD is a development project and not a security threat as Egypt claims it to be.
‘’The three countries have already agreed on the initial filling of the Dam. Mother Nature is in agreement, too. This year is an opportune time to begin impounding water in the GERD reservoir,’’ he said.
He concluded his speech expressing his confidence that the tripartite will reach a cooperative agreement in the coming weeks under the AU-led process, adding ‘’ ultimately, good-faith negotiation is the only avenue to bridge gaps and find a lasting resolution.’’
You can access the full text containing the Ambassador's speech here:

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