Services rendered for Diplomatic Community

Requirement for Diplomatic Passport Service

Please read the following carefully and fulfill all the requirements. Failure to fulfill the requirements may result in delaying the processing time or denial of the issuance of the passport.

  • The Embassy of Ethiopia/Consulate in North America is currently issuing only a new Electronic passport that requires mandatory finger print. Therefore; starting from April 2010, all Ethiopians who want to obtain a new, replacement (lost or existing) passport or renewal of a passport should fulfill the following requirements.

  • Those who have already submitted their finger prints upon receipt of an electronic passport earlier are not required to submit their fingerprints again. However, if you have an old /manual/ passport or was exempted from submitting your finger print due to your minor age then you should submit your finger print anew.

  • Those who are minor under the age of 14 are exempted from providing finger prints.

  • The Embassy also advise all applicants to submit their applications AT LEAST 45 DAYS AHEAD of their planned travel date or prior to applying for any other services that require a valid passport.

  • If the Embassy requests you to submit an additional document, please send it within a week. If you are informed for three times to submit the necessary document and if you fail to submit the requested document, the Embassy shall be obliged to send your original document back to you and you will be requested to apply anew.

  • Mailing Instruction

    • All applications to be submitted by mail must be sent via an envelope with aTRACKING NUMBER. The application must also have a self-addressed prepaid FEDEX, UPS, or USPS EXPRESS MAILreturn envelope.

    • All applications with a return envelope MUST HAVE TRACKING NUMBERS. If you send any ordinary mail without tracking numbers it will not be processed and will be sent back to the sender unprocessed.

    • Track it online at the respective mailing company's website to ensure it has been received by the Embassy. Please do not call to find out if it has been received.

    • Please track your application online using a return mailing tracking number at the respective mailing company after a month that we received your application to know that it has been sent back to you!

    • You need not call our embassy after you have traced the arrival of your mail.

    • For Passport Applicants, if you apply in person, please attach a return envelope which has a tracking number (FEDEX, UPS, or USPS EXPRESS MAIL) with it.

No. Type of Services Short definition of services Requirements full fill by the Customers
  Issuance of new ID Cards The Office of Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues seven types of I.D Card for the members of the Diplomatic Corps and International and Regional Organizations residing in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) for more than one year. §     A note verbal which states the name of the person his title detail of families Copy
§     4cmx3cm photographs  3
§     valid passport with entry visa photocopy Copies
§     For dependents aged 5 years above, copy of parent/guardian ID card Copy
§     Employment contract work agreement for International Organizations Staffs     Copy
§     Duly filled application form from MFA 3 Copies
  Re-issuance of Lost or Damaged ID Cards When I.D Cards issued by the Ministry are lost or damaged the request for re-issuance should be sent to the Protocol Department. §     Note verbal which states the lost or damaged ID Copies
§     One copy  of the Lost ID With a police Report from the nearest police station
§     Original Damaged ID cards, if any
§     Two 4cmx3cm photographs
§      ID card photocopy, if any.
  Return  of  ID Cards Upon completion of their mission, members of the Diplomatic Missions, International and Regional Organizations have an obligation to return their I.D Cards to the Diplomatic Privileges, Immunities and protection Directorate of the Office of  Protocol. §     Note verbal which states the ID card
§     Original ID card
  The renewal  of ID cards Different level status of ID cards have the expired date and needs renewal. §     Note verbal which states the name & position of the person before one month of the expiry date of old ID card
§     One photo (3cmx4cm) with the Old ID card
  Duty free privileges When a physical person posted to Ethiopia, he/she subjecte to duty free rights. Note verbal which states the name & position of the person. 3 copies
The person's ID card. 3 copies
  Duty free Import permit for vehicles In compliance with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (1963) and the various Headquarters' Agreements, Ethiopia provides exemption from custom duties for all diplomatic missions, international and regional organisations and their staff members. §     Note verbal which states the name & position of the person 3Copies.
§     Bill of lading, airway Bill, invoice, packing list 3 copies.
§     The previous imported vehicle (if used three years) clearance from custom 3 copies.
§     If the owner is individual person, ID Card     3 copies.
§     If the owner is working/employee by Government like expert, a supporting letter from his office.   3 copies
  Duty free Imported vehicles ownership booklet & plate permit After vehicles imported to Ethiopia, should be registered by the transport authority to get booklate and plate. §     Note verbal with detail of the car and the owner.   3 copies
§     Bill of lading or airway Bill.    3 copies
§     The owner should bring comprehensive Insurance agreement for one year.   3 copies.
§     Import permit from transport authority.   3 copies
§     If the owner is individual person, ID card.  3 copies
§     Customs declaration of the vehicle.   3 copies.
  Vehicles driven from the neighbor countries Import permit The privileged Entity and their staffs can import vehicles by driving from neighbour countries. §     From Embassy/Organization   note verbal stating a detail of the owner and the vehicle.   3 copies.
§     If the vehicle is used, bring title certificate.  3 copies.
§     Other related documents from the country.  3 copies.
§     An ownership and plate.  3 copies
§     If the owner is individual person, attach ID Card.  3 copies.
  Non-Family Duty Station Post Some privileged staff member of the organization who are posted in danger situation of neighbor Countries can allow his/her family to live in Ethiopia and have the right to import one vehicle and personal effects. Note verbal stating a name & position and detail of the vehicle.  3 copies
§     Bill of lading/Airway Bill, Invoice, Packing List.  3 copies.
§     To acquire ownership and plate full fill the requirement in the above the same manner.
  Import permit of communication Equipment those fixed with vehicles and other communication instruments. The Embassy/Organization can havecommunication Equipment after the permission of Security & Telecommunication offices. §     Import permit for communication equipment from telecommunication agency and security affairs offices.3copies
  Sale/Donation Duty free vehicle to the same  privileged physical person /Entity.    Embassies/Organization and their staffs can sell/donate vehicles to each other. First step : plat return to transport authority
§     Note verbal which states the type of the vehicle and plate of the  vehicle and request to return plate. 3 copies
§     The Ownership booklet.  3 copies
Second Step
´Note verbal which is stated the details. 3 copies
§     Return plate confirmation letter from transport authority. 3 copies
§     Note verbal stating details of vehicle, Authenticated sale agreement of seller & buyer.  3 copies.
§     The ownership booklet.  3 copies.
§     The buyer should bring comprehensive insurance contract for one Year.  3 copies.
§     If seller and buyer are Individuals, ID Card.  3 copies.
  Sale/Donation Duty free vehicle to the ordinary physical person or Entity Embassies/Organizations and their staffs can sell/donate to Ethiopian citzines or others and Entities. First step : return the plate  to transport Authority
§     To return a plate  number, note verbal  stating the plate and owner of the vehicle.  3 copies
§     The ownership booklet.   3 copies
Second step: To the custom Authority
n     Return plate conformation letter.   3 copies
§     Note verbal that write the detail of vehicle for sale and the name of seller & buyer.  3 copies
§     The ownership booklet.  3 copies.
§     The contract of the sale agreement.  3 copies
§     If seller and buyer Individuals, ID Card.  3 copies.
Third Step:  To road transport authority.
§     Experts working in Government offices should submmit supporting letter from their Offices.   3 copies
§     Note verbal from the entity that stated detail of vehicle, seller & buyer names and address.    3 copies
§     A seller and buyer sale agreement with its authentication. 3 copies 
§     Returned plate confirmation letter from Transport Authority. 3 copies
§     The ownership booklet. 3 copies
§     Comprehensive insurance contract for one year. 3 copies
§     If a seller and buyer physical person, bring ID Card or business license.   3 copies
  Duty free vehicle and personal effect export permit Duty free imported vehicles can get export permit. First return plate No. – To road transport authority
§     Note verbal that stated the detail of the vehicle, plat and the owner's name 3 copies
§     The ownership booklet 3 copies
§     If the  owner is physical person, bring ID Card. 3 copies
Second Step:  Export
§     The plate Return conformation letter from road transport authority. 3 copies
§     Note verbal stating the detail of vehicle to be exported with its destination and the owner's  name.  3 copies
§     The ownership booklet.  3 copies
§     If the owner is physical person, attach ID Card.  3 copies
§     A declaration given from Custom   Authority when the vehicle was imported.  3 copies
  For the second time Duty free vehicle Import permit Diplomats and International Organization's workers have the right to change their vehicles after three years use and clear it. In addition to this AU members who are married non-Ethiopian can have duty free second car. But for all privileged physical persons for their families, they can import second car with duty payment. §     Note verbal that states type-chassis-engine of the Car and the owner's name.  3 copies
§     The  previous  imported vehicle clearance from custom authority. 3 copies
§     A Bill of lading.  3 copies
§     The owner's ID Card.  3 copies
The African Union members in addition to the above mentioned
§     Note verbal that state type, chassis, engine of 2nd car. 3 copies
§     A Bill of lading.  3 copies
§     For Individuals attach ID Card. 3 copies
§     The Owners for the second vehicles should attach authenticated marriage certificate. 3 copies
§     The Owner's ID Card.  3 copies
  If the vehicle has got total loss When vehicle has got a total loss, the transaction is between the owner and insurance to clear the event. §     Note verbal that explain about the condition of the car.3 copies
§     The total loss of the vehicle should be proved by custom authority or a letter from insurance company about the total loss. 3 copies
§     Return plate number conformation letter from road transport authority. 3 copies
  Duty free permission for fuel. Diplomatic Missions, International and Regional Organisations, and their privileged staff members can purchase 20 litres of Duty-free fuel per vehicle per day every three months by delivering a Note Verbal, together with the title certificates and details of vehicles to the Diplomatic Privileges, Immunity and protection Directorate of the Protocol Office. §     Note verbal that stated duty free fuel and the vehicles details, plates and the usage of fuel prepare in the table.  3 copies
§     The Renewed ownership booklet. 3 copies
§     Detail of the vehicle in table.
  Personal and official effect import permission In compliance with the Vienna Convention and Headquarters' Agreements, all Diplomatic Missions, International and Regional Organizations and their staff members also have the privilege of importing their official and personal effects. Staff members can replace these personal effects every five years, but only if these were imported upon arrival in the country. §     Note verbal that stated the official effect, quantity, kind and the name of the owner. 3 copies
§     Bill of lading or airways Bill.  3 copies
§     Packing list and invoice.  3 copies
§     For Individuals ID Card.  3 copies
  Official and personal effects and drinks  permission to buy from duty free shop. All privileged of duty free rights can have the right to buy from duty free shop. §     Note verbal that stated the kind of drinks/goods, for what purpose/occasion and the quantity.   3 copies
§     The document should be signed and sealed by the entity and its authorized person. 3 copies
  Supporting letter to change the same level Ethiopian driving license of individuals who brought from their Countries or abroad. To drive in Ethiopia, the possession of an Ethiopian Driving Licence is mandatory for all staff members of the Diplomatic Corps and International and Regional Organizations. §     Note verbal which states valid, level, number of the driving license and the name of the owner. 3 copies
The Diplomatic Privileges, Immunities and Protection Directorate of the Protocol Office will facilitate the issuance of an Ethiopian Driving Licence only for the nationals of other countries which recognise Ethiopian Driving Licences on the basis of full reciprocity. §     The driving license which is authenticated by the embassy. 3 copies
§     For Individuals Diplomatic ID Card.   3 copies
§     Except English, the other language of driving license translated and authenticated by the Embassy/Organization.  3 copies
  Different letters   from Diplomatic/Organization and Individuals to Government offices, non- Government offices, Individuals     and vis-versa. All privileged Entities and their staff can correspond with Ethiopian through MOFA.  §     Note verbal from Diplomatic entities which stated their questions. 3 copies
§     Other related Documents with the matter. 3 copies
If the requested matter for individuals, their ID Cards should be attached. 3 copies
  Duty free Permission from Government shop All privileged have the right to shop from the duty free. §     Note verbal stating the kind & quantity of the goods and the name of the entity or individuals. 3 copies
Declaration from the duty free shop and signed and sealed by the entity. 3 copies
  Different kind goods (Drinks & Foods) import and to buy from Duty free Shop permission Drinks & foods or others different materials can import and shop from duty free. §     Note verbal which is stated the kind and quantity of the goods and the name of the individual or entity. 3 copies
Declaration from the duty free shop and signature & sealed by the entity. 3 copies
  For the Conference and exhibition puropose  different kind materials import permission All embassies and Organizations import different materials for their conferences, exhibitions and meeting. §     Note verbal stating the kind and quantity of the goods and the name of the entity. 3 copies
§     Airway bill of the goods.                  3 copies
§     Invoice of the   imported   goods.         3 copies      
paking list of the imported goods.      3 copies
  Construction materials duty free import permit The Government of Ethiopia allow the construction materials to import for Embassies and organizations when they build their offices. §     Note verbal stating the kind and quantity of the Construction materials and the name of the entity. 3 copies
§     Bill of quantity of Construction.            3 copies
§     Bill of landing of the imported Construction  materials.   3 copies
§     Construction permit from Addis Ababa Administration.     3 copies
§     Invoice of the imported Construction materials.                   3 copies
Packing list of the imported Construction materials.             3 copies

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