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Issuance of new ID Cards



The Office of Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues seven types of I.D Card for the members of the Diplomatic Corps and International and Regional Organizations residing in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) for more than one year.

·        A note verbal which states the name of the person his title detail of families 1 Copy

·        4cmx3cm photographs 

·        valid passport with entry visa photocopy 3 Copies

·        For dependents aged 5 years above, copy of parent/guardian ID card 1 Copy

·        Employment contract work agreement for International Organizations Staffs     1 Copy

·        Duly filled application form from MFA 3 Copies






Re-issuance of Lost or Damaged ID Cards


When I.D Cards issued by the Ministry are lost or damaged the request for re-issuance should be sent to the Protocol Department.

·        Note verbal which states the lost or damaged ID 3 Copies

·        One copy of the Lost ID With a police Report from the nearest police station

·        Original Damaged ID cards, if any

·        Two 4cmx3cm photographs

·        ID card photocopy, if any.





Return of id cards

Upon completion of their mission, members of the Diplomatic Missions, International and Regional Organizations have an obligation to return their I.D Cards to the Diplomatic Privileges, Immunities and protection Directorate of the Office of Protocol.

·        Note verbal which states the ID card

·        Original ID card



The renewal of ID cards


Different level status of ID cards have the expired date and needs renewal.

·        Note verbal which states the name & position of the person before one month of the expiry date of old ID card

·        One photo (3cmx4cm) with the Old ID card



Duty-free privileges

When a physical person posted to Ethiopia, he/she subjected to duty-free rights.

·        Note verbal which states the name & position of the person. 3 copies

·        The person's ID card. 3 copies





Duty free Import permit for vehicles

In compliance with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (1963) and the various Headquarters' Agreements, Ethiopia provides exemption from customs duties for all diplomatic missions, international and regional organizations and their staff members.

·        Note verbal which states the name & position of the person 3Copies.

·        Bill of lading, Airway Bill, invoice, packing list 3 copies.

·        The previous imported vehicle (if used three years) clearance from custom 3 copies.

·        If the owner is individual person, ID Card     3 copies.

·        If the owner is working/employee by Government like an expert, a supporting letter from his office.   3 copies







Duty-free Imported vehicles ownership booklet & plate permit




After vehicles imported to Ethiopia should be registered by the transport, the authority to get the book late and plate.

·        Note verbal with detail of the car and the owner.   3 copies

·        Bill of lading or airway bill.    3 copies

·        The owner should bring a comprehensive Insurance agreement for one year.   3 copies.

·        Import permit from transport authority.   3 copies

·        If the owner is individual person, ID card.  3 copies

·        Customs declaration of the vehicle.   3 copies.

Vehicles are driven from the neighbor countries Import permit

The privileged Entity and their staffs can import vehicles by driving from neighboring countries.

·        From Embassy/Organization note verbal stating a detail of the owner and the vehicle.   3 copies.

·        If the vehicle is used, bring a title certificate.  3 copies.

·        Other related documents from the country.  3 copies.

·        An ownership and plate.  3 copies

·        If the owner is individual person, attach ID Card.  3 copies.




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