Ethiopia-Zimbabwe Bilateral Relations

Ethiopia and Zimbabwe have longstanding diplomatic relations. During Zimbabwe's struggle for liberation, Ethiopia hosted and trained Zimbabwe’s freedom fighters including Robert Mugabe. Zimbabwe opened its Embassy in Addis Ababa in 1980, while Ethiopia opened its Embassy in Harare in 1985.

Both countries have been enjoying cordial bilateral relations in political, economic and cultural fields. The unwavering commitment to the principles of Pan-Africanism and understanding of each other’s ambitions in the Continent has been the firm foundation for the bilateral cooperation. 

The bilateral relations between the two countries have been further enhanced through numerous high-level visit exchanges.  H.E. Mr. Seyoum Mesfin, the former Foreign Minister of Ethiopia paid an official visit to Zimbabwe. Likewise, the late Prime Minister of Ethiopia, H.E. Mr. Meles Zenawi visited Zimbabwe in 1998 and 2002, respectively.  The President of Ethiopia, H.E.Sahle-work Zewde also attended the state funeral ceremony of the late President of Zimbabwe H.E. Robert Mugabe which was taken on 14th September in 2019, in Harare.

During the higher official contacts, different agreements were signed to foster cooperation in political, economic, scientific and technical fields by which both sides expressed their willingness to expand relations to a new high. The two countries have also established a Joint Ministerial Commission to follow up the practical implementation of the agreements.

Ethiopia and Zimbabwe signed nine cooperation agreements and MOUs in the areas of agriculture, investment, and tourism. It is significant potential for enhancing bilateral collaboration in key areas like aviation, telecom, meat products, leather, coffee, education, capital market development and financial services.

The two countries have been collaborating on a number of issues of common concern like an aspire to see a stable and secure environment in their respective regions, and aware of the importance of working together to ensure peace and stability in the continent, and to advance the interest of Africa at the global stage.  

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