Ethio-Sudan Relation

Ethiopia and Sudan's relation goes back to 1896. But formal diplomatic relations have been established in 1956 at the time of Sudan’s independence.

Ethiopia and Sudan have enjoyed a long-standing relationship that extends over thousands of years, a relationship based on blood ties, brotherhood, mutual trust and confidence. In the course of that long history, we have established deep spiritual and social bonds linking our two peoples together.

Since very recently, the two countries have embarked on strengthening their economic relations through massive joint infrastructure development projects and harmonization of policies. We believe these will eventually lead to Economic Integration and an everlasting tie between the destinies of the peoples of both countries.

In line with the central objectives of our Foreign Policy and the above conviction, standard trans-boundary highways on major corridors connecting the two countries, power interconnection, and fiber optic lines have been constructed.

On the other hand, our two countries enjoy a similar culture and way of life. The great River Nile and the Baro River have linked the two people for centuries.

Recent Visits and Consultations between the Two Countries

The Ethiopian Prime Minister H.E. Abiy Ahmed has visited the Republic of Sudan on May 2, 2018. The visit was aimed at further promoting the long-standing bilateral relations between the two countries. During his visit, the prime minister held talks with the president of the Republic of Sudan, H.E. Al Bashir on bilateral and regional issues and met with the Sudanese business community.

Another high official visit between the two countries was Ethiopian Foreign Minister, H.E Gedu Andargachew’s official working visit to Sudan on May 04, 2019. Upon arrival, the delegation was received by H.E. Ilham Ibrahim Shantir, acting Minister for Foreign affairs of the Republic of Sudan.

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