Ethio- Kazakhstan Relations

Historical Background

The relationship between Ethiopia and Kazakhstan was established in September 2011. The two countries have maintained friendly and cordial relations. 

Kazakhstan opened its Embassy in Addis Ababa in March 2011 and Ethiopia’s official diplomatic relations with Kazakhstan started with the appointment of a non- resident Ambassador in Ankara, Turkey in June 2012. 

The new Ambassador of Kazakhstan was the Deputy Permanent Representative in New York and he was appointed as Ambassador to Pakistan after his diplomatic service in New York. The Ambassador had visited Ethiopia in September 2013 as the Special Envoy of his country in relation to Kazakhstan’s bid for membership of the United Nations Security Council. He met with the then Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus and exchanged views on strengthening bilateral relations. 

This was followed by the visit of the then Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Irlan Idrissov to Ethiopia in December 2013. The Minister met and held discussions with High-level officials of our government and addressed the Permanent Representatives Committee of the African Union on Kazakhstan’s Africa policy.

 We have an MoU on Bilateral Political Consultation that was signed in September 2016 at the sidelines of the 71st UNGA Summit.  We are also working on draft agreements to cooperate with Kazakhstan in the fields of trade, culture and tourism and education where Kazakh showed interest to cooperate as well.

During the 70th session of the UN General Assembly, UNDP and the government of Kazakhstan launched a new program known as the Africa–Kazakhstan Partnership for the SDGs to help 45 African countries implement the newly-inaugurated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). $2 million is allocated to the program for technical support to ministries of foreign affairs and other relevant institutions in these countries.

There are good opportunities for further strengthening and enhancing relations between the two countries in the political field, as well as in cultural and economic spheres. Kazakhstan and Ethiopia has good potential for expanding bilateral cooperation in mining, agriculture, infrastructure, trade, and education. Encourage the Kazakhstan side to enhance the economic relations between the two countries especially in trade, investment, and also to cooperate on education and tourism.

Bilaterally we can cooperate in the fields of Education (scholarship), Agriculture (textile and cotton), mining, food, and agro-processing, Infrastructure and construction sector, trade and tourism.

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