Ethiopia-Israel Relation

o   It is believed that the relationship between Ethiopia and Israel is started during  king Solomon of Israel and Queen Saba (Sheba), during the ancient kingdoms of Damat and Axum in present-day Ethiopia.

o   An ancient version of the Jewish religion was practiced in Ethiopia. A significant number of persons following this religion lived in Ethiopia and moved to Israel in the late 1980s. These people, Known as Bete-Israel (family of Israel) is more associated with Ethiopians than any other people. These communities are now serving as a bridge between the two countries.

o   To preserve its ancient monasteries, monuments and cultural heritage in Israel, Ethiopia opened its liaison office in Jerusalem in 1917 and Israel opened its consulate in Addis Ababa in 1956. In 1989 Ethiopia opened its embassy in Tel-Aviv in order to boost its relations with Israel.

o   There have been exchanges of high-level government officials of both sides including that of Prime Ministers and Ministers of Foreign Affairs of both countries which contributed to further enhancing the historical ties between Ethiopia and Israel.

o   The two countries have strong trade relations and Israeli investors are also showing interest to invest in various sectors in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is also interested in technology transfers from the State of Israel by utilizing a wealth of experience in Israel's agriculture, water resources, and irrigation development.

o   To strengthen the relations, the two countries have signed different agreements in political, economy, science and technology and cultural areas and these are being implemented.

o   It is estimated that around 148,700 Bete-Israelis and 3,500 – 4,000 Ethiopian Diasporas reside in Israel.

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