Ethiopia-Algeria Relation

Ethiopia and the Peoples Democratic Republic of Algeria have enjoyed long-standing relations for many years. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in the late 1960s, and particularly following the opening of the Algerian Embassy in Addis Ababa in 1976, the two countries have steadily strengthened a relationship based on their common interests. Ethiopia also opened its Embassy in Algiers, in 2016. Both Countries have been playing a significant role to bring a solution for border conflicts that happened between neighbor Countries. In this regard, Emperor Haile Selassie played a role in mediating a border dispute between Algeria and Morocco and likewise, Algeria was deeply involved in the negotiations which led to the Algiers Agreement of December 2000 between Ethiopia and Eritrea. 

The two countries have been and are working closely together in regional and international agendas. Ethiopia and Algeria share a common interest and a common position in the fight against terrorism. They both hold the widely shared view that international terrorism is one of the most serious threats to international peace and security. They see terrorism, in all its forms, as a global problem that has no frontiers and cannot be associated with any particular religion, culture or societies. Their respective responses to terrorism have in part been inspired by some of the measures taken by the OAU and subsequently by the African Union. Both Ethiopia and Algeria have worked together in this and in related continental and international issues concerned with peace and security in Africa and globally. Ethiopia and Algeria are also the strong proponents for the strengthening of the AU, its institutions like NEPAD, agenda 2063, etc.

Algeria is one of the key strategic partners of Ethiopia and so far, the two countries have signed more than 20 cooperation agreements in different fields including, Trade, Investment Protection and Promotion, Avoidance of Double Taxation. In addition to this, they have also agreed to cooperate in the areas of Science, Culture and Technical fields. Following from this they established a Joint Ministerial Commission to monitor the implementation of their agreements. The first Joint Ministerial Commission meeting was held in April 1984 in Algiers, and during that meeting, further possible areas of joint cooperation were discussed. Two Countries held four Joint Ministerial Commission meetings from 1984 to 2017.

Regarding higher officials visit, H.E. Seyoum Mesfin, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, made an official visit to Algeria in 1996, and also H.E Dr. Tewodros Adhanom, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia paid an official visit to Algeria in 2017. Both ministers had exchanged views on how to further strengthen bilateral relations and maximize cooperation in the trade and investment sectors with Algerian officials. 

Both countries have also shown a strong desire to move forward and deepen their cooperation in all mutually advantageous fields, to bring the relationship between them to a new and higher level. This would serve to promote the interests of both countries and their shared aspiration for peace and prosperity in Africa.  

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