Ethiopia-Kuwait Relation

o   The Ethiopian Embassy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was accredited to Kuwait until 1997. An agreement was reached to upgrade their relations to the level of embassy. As a result, the Ethiopian Embassy was officially opened in Kuwait and started its regular operation in 1997. In the same year, Kuwait also opened its embassy in Addis Ababa.

o   The exchange of high-level government official visits conducted between the two countries over the past years  show the growing cooperation between Ethiopia and Kuwait. A number of agreements have been signed between the two countries during these visits.

o   To strengthen the relations of the two countries, different agreements in the areas of political, economy, science and technology, and culture and tourism are signed and being implemented between Ethiopia and Kuwait

o   Effective implementation of the signed agreements in the fields of a domestic worker, exchange of trade, investment, and tourism and development cooperation is needed to further, strengthen the already existing relationship between the two countries.

o   Ethiopian nationals residing in Kuwait is estimated to be around 35,000.

o   About 20 Kuwaiti investors have been issued investment licenses to operate in Ethiopia and there is a significant amount of trade between the two countries. Kuwait is also financing Ethiopia’s various infrastructure projects through the Kuwait Development Fund.

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